Dark and Minimalist Techno set, from this young Roman producers Inherent, signing this podcast with elegant taste and fine selection, combining Deep driven Techno with minimalists roots.

Substellar Object (aka Robin A), from Denver, Colorado, is a newcomer to the techno world. Cavernous atmospheres and trance-like rhythms are what drive him to both produce and mix dark and deep techno, doing his dirty job with this pounding set, combining raw Techno and minimalists landscapes.

This Italian DJ, sign the 7th SHL Podcast with his personal Techno taste, giving us this Monolith piece of rough Dark selection, combining pounding beats, progressive atmospheres and shy Industrial touch.
ESO​ knows how to blow your mind.
A must for all Eclectic Techno Lovers.

We give space to fresh new talents with this SHL PODCAST 06, welcome on board Rain Randlepp from Estonia. Dark, Deep and obsessive Set for all the true Techno lovers, always looking for delight landscapes and textures.

Detached and melancholic.
Vicariously Dustywork show this Techno almost dirty set, as a starting point for something apparently different, moving back, forward and inside out through blurry landscapes.

Keeping on storage and spread eclectic Techno Podcasts with this 4th episode signed by the Berlin based Joanna Jago, showing her best side between melodic and introspective sounds adding character and chirurgical taste flowing into this epic set.

Keep on release our regular podcasts for all the eclectics lovers.
We have on board a very special guest with her refined and melodic taste, Bzzzbip leave us her soft personal touch blending elegant textures and bold attitude, that make this set atemporal.

Second podcast sign by Samuel M. restless darkside Lover’s, give us this chirurgical and obsessed Techno selection thanks to his refined and talented taste blends atmospheric landscapes with more energetic and hypnotic ones.

We are more than pride to show our first Podcast done by Droneghost, new project from a very active underground artist from Barcelona, well known as Hermético and Nigul.
Under this name he show his Dark and Drone side thanks to his elegant and chirurgic selection, moving ghostly fast and forward…Soon will release with us with a 2 stunning Techno tracks…so stay tune.